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Mom: My Super Hero

Ever wonder how your kiddos see you? We're so hard on ourselves as mothers most of the time (or at least I am)! I'm always second guessing myself. Am I being too harsh? Am I disciplining enough? Do my kids really know that I love them? Moments like one I had recently put it all into perspective, though. Talking to my 5 year old:

Me: Wish I could fit in those cool socks! Violet: You can’t! You’re not little anymore! Me: Oh no, what am I? Violet: You’re a mom! Me: What’s that? (Just to see what she’d say🤣) Violet: It’s love! 🥰🥰

Little things like that make up for all the frustration of parenting and make me realize kids really see the positive in life. Even through all my yelling at her, she associates “Mom” with love. Pardon me while I go cry happy tears in the closet!

It's only natural to question yourself when parenting is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. I mean, what other job hands you an object you know very little or nothing about and sends you on your way to make it become something useful out in the world? None that I can think of, and yet, we birth our baby, and a few days later we're handed the little bundle, expected to know what to do with it, after very little training on the subject! Darn, I meant to read that book that all the other moms told me about, but the baby came early! Who's with me on that one? Even if you are the parent that has read every book and taken every class imaginable, nothing can prepare you 100% for the way your life is about to change after having a baby...and that's ok! We're all just muddling through it...some may be better at it than others, but you know, even that "beautiful Pinterest mom" who looks like she's got it all together also has days of being a hot mess, believe me!

Those days when you've been ready to pull your hair out, when you've struggled to get the chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese on the table for the fourth time that week because that's all your picky eaters will eat and the mound of dirty laundry far out weights the clean and you're not even sure which is which, just remember your kids think you are a super hero! No matter how many times you've lost your cool and thrown a temper tantrum just like them (let's face it, we all do it!), those sticky little beings still see you as the best person in their life. Who else hugs them when they are sad, kisses their boo-boos all better and gives them high fives when they managed to figure out how to share for the first time? You, you and you! Show yourself some love today...the same love your kids show you, unconditionally. Take a breather and remind yourself you are enough, mama.


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