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Childbirth and the arrival of a newborn are truly extraordinary moments! The process of giving birth is a unique event that leaves an unforgettable memory in your life. It's a profoundly empowering experience and I am thrilled to partake in the joy of families welcoming new life into the world. Anticipating the incredible journey into parenthood, I eagerly await the opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with you, offering guidance on childbirth and newborn care.


My services extend to Cumming, Roswell, Milton, Alpharetta, Buford, and the surrounding metro Atlanta areas. Additionally, with a passport in hand, my live-in and vacation services are available worldwide.


Feel free to explore more about each service by clicking on the titles, and let's embark on this remarkable journey together!

Baby Stretches

Are you experiencing exhaustion from multiple nighttime wakings with your newborn? Hiring daytime assistance is crucial to affording you the necessary rest, allowing you to be a composed and productive parent. Regardless of whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, my commitment is to provide optimal care for your baby. I specialize in collaborating with you to establish a personalized routine that caters to the unique needs of your family. Your well-being and the harmonious functioning of your family are my top priorities.

Mother and Baby

Embark on your first week postpartum with the support of comprehensive live-in doula care. Round-the-clock assistance ensures you ample rest, facilitating proper healing and a smooth transition into parenthood. With a well-cared-for baby and mama, that initial week becomes not just manageable but truly enjoyable. Prioritizing your well-being during this crucial time sets the foundation for a positive and nurturing start to your parenting journey.

Newborn's Care

Are you seeking answers about the birthing process or desiring continuous support during your labor? I offer personalized care encompassing the entire birth journey, addressing your unique needs. My commitment extends to providing specialized care before, during and after your birth, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your individual needs. Whether you are planning a medicated or un-medicated birth, I am here to support and guide you throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and childbirth experience. 

Planning a vacation but hesitant about the added stress of bringing your kids along? Consider the convenience of a vacation nanny – an extra set of hands to provide support and offer you some well-deserved kid-free time for adult adventures. Whether you're aiming for a completely child-free vacation or a trip with just your older children, entrust some or all of your kids to a reliable nanny and relish the freedom to fully enjoy your next getaway. Travel with ease, knowing your children are in capable hands, allowing you the relaxation and enjoyment you deserve.

Summer Vacation
Living Room Pillow Fight

In need of temporary assistance while your regular nanny is on vacation? Waiting for a coveted spot to open up at your preferred daycare? Having to go out of town at the last minute and leave the kids behind? Opt for temporary nanny services to bridge the gaps and provide that additional support you require. While prioritizing childcare, this service also includes, with time permitting, assistance with laundry and general home tidying (please note that deep house cleaning is not included). Ensure a seamless transition in your childcare routine with the help of my part time temporary nanny services.

Is your newborn experiencing colic or having trouble sleeping, leaving you with the challenge of soothing an often inconsolable baby? Enroll in this one-time workshop, conducted in the comfort of your home, to discover five simple techniques that can transform those cries into contentedness. Developed by the world-renowned Dr. Harvey Karp, these proven techniques offer swift soothing for your newborn and contribute to longer, more restful sleep. Learn the invaluable skills to bring comfort and tranquility to your baby, providing both you and your little one with much-needed relief.

Baby Picture
Prenatal Yoga Class

Prepare for an empowering birth experience by taking the first step: education. Regardless of the type of birth you envision, we offer a range of childbirth class options to ensure you are well-prepared for your baby's arrival. Choose the class that aligns with your preferences and aspirations, empowering yourself with knowledge and readiness for this significant moment. Your journey to parenthood begins with informed choices and a sense of confidence, laying the groundwork for a positive birthing experience.

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information and classes on newborn care? Simplify the process by enrolling in this one-time class, offered in the comfort of your home. This session is designed to cover all the essential aspects of caring for your newborn, providing your family with the knowledge needed for a positive start in your baby's first few months. Streamlined and convenient, this class is tailored to empower you with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the early stages of parenthood confidently.

Twin Babies
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