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Happiest Baby on the Block Workshop

In the initial four months of your baby's life, it's common for them to be susceptible to overstimulation and fatigue. While most cries can be attributed to basic needs such as wetness, tiredness, or hunger, addressing persistent crying becomes a challenge when these needs have been met. This situation is particularly pertinent for babies labeled as "colicky" by a healthcare professional.

There is a solution!

"The Happiest Baby on the Block," founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, a seasoned pediatrician with over thirty years of experience working with newborns and children, introduces five simple techniques designed to quickly alleviate your baby's cries in minutes or less. Gain valuable insights into these proven tools through a convenient in-home session, either before or after your baby is born. This comprehensive program empowers parents with effective methods to soothe and comfort their newborns, creating a more serene and enjoyable environment for both baby and parents.

Newborn Baby
Sleeping Baby

The simple approach that really works!

Workshop Price: $225
This can be taken with other friends that have newborns or are expecting. One person can host the workshop at their home and split the cost between everyone.


Workshop lasts approximately 1-2 hours and covers:
• The newly discovered "Calming Reflex" that all babies are born with
• How to turn on the "Calming Reflex" by using the "5 S's"
• Why babies cry more during the first 4 months of life than at any other age and what to do about it
• "The Missing 4th Trimester" and how you can recreate it outside the womb, creating a happier baby
• Step-by-step instructions on how to calm your baby and help him sleep longer between feedings
• Tips on helping your baby sleep better and establishing a more predictable schedule
• Hands-on practice with each technique

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