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Newborn Care Workshop

Are you eager to gain comprehensive knowledge on caring for your newborn, covering everything from diapering to sleeping? Consider enrolling in my one-time class, designed for your convenience either in the comfort of your home or within a small group setting. Whether you choose to attend before or after your baby is born, this class offers essential insights to ensure a positive start to your baby's first few months of life.

Baby Bath

This workshop is not exclusive to parents; caregivers working with newborns can also benefit from expanding their knowledge of infant care. 

Workshop price:  

$275 for in home 


Workshop lasts approximately 2-3 hours and covers:

  • Diapering (diaper rash, circumcision/vaginal care, pros and cons of cloth and disposable diapers)

  • Cord care

  • How to bathe baby before and after umbilical cord falls off

  • Baby skin (cradle cap, dry skin, baby acne, eczema, using sunscreen)

  • Symptoms of baby sickness and using medication

  • Feeding baby (bottle and breastfeeding, popular breastfeeding positions, proper storage of breast milk, burping, dealing with reflux)

  • How to make sure your baby is eating enough

  • Must have items for breastfeeding

  • The importance of tummy time (when to do it and how)

  • What typical newborn sleep patterns should look like

  • When you should feed your baby during the day to produce the best sleep at night

  • How long you should keep you baby awake between feedings

  • Troubleshooting sleep issues and creating a sleep plan

  • Techniques to help your baby sleep better

  • Hands-on practice with techniques

  • Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block techniques

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