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Live-In Postpartum Doula

Are you apprehensive about the prospect of bringing your newborn home, particularly in the absence of adequate support? Whether your partner is returning to work immediately or has frequent travel commitments, and family members are not readily available, consider the option of having a live-in caregiver for up to one week to facilitate a smooth transition for you and your baby. I offer comprehensive, around-the-clock expert care, allowing you the opportunity to rest and recover after delivery. Services are for babies up to 8 weeks of age. 

Sleepy Baby


  • Starting at $550 per day based on number of babies

  • Care can be for up to one full week

  • Client is responsible for all travel and food expenses if placement is outside of the metro Atlanta area



  • 24-hour (with breaks) daytime and overnight care for up to three newborns at a time 

  • Guidance/instruction in newborn care 

  • Establish and implement a sleeping and feeding routine

  • Log baby's eating/sleeping patterns with detailed notes 

  • Wash, dry and fold baby laundry 

  • Wash bottles and breast pump supplies 

  • Make new formula or prepare bottles for the next day 

  • Assist and support mothers with breastfeeding tips

  • Tidy up common living areas if it won't disturb sleeping individuals (load the dishwasher, wipe down counters, etc) 

  • Light meal prep and caring for the mother


Hiring 24-hour live-in help can be a game-changer, especially for those without nearby family support and for moms recovering from a c-section. Imagine having a live-in postpartum doula at anytime during those first 8 weeks home from the hospital – it's like having a "baby fairy" to help you catch up on rest and get the lowdown on all things baby-related.


From mountains of burp cloths to endless onesies and blankets, I've got it covered. And it's not just about baby care – I'm there to take care of you, too! While you catch up on some much needed sleep or enjoy a leisurely shower, I take care of laundry, prep meals and tidy up your space. But it doesn't stop there – you can also have the freedom to take a break. Whether it's a quick coffee run, a spa day, a hair appointment, or just grabbing groceries without the baby in tow, you've got the chance to reclaim some mommy time. Because, let's face it, looking after yourself is one of the best things you can do when you've just become a new mom!

My Philosophy:

I recognize the individuality of each family's needs, and I take great satisfaction in collaborating with you to establish an optimal foundation for welcoming your newborn into your home. Whether you require intermittent assistance or a sustained period of consistent support, I am equipped to accommodate your specific preferences.

For first-time parents seeking guidance on optimal care practices for their newborn, I offer expert instruction, providing valuable tips and hands-on tools to instill confidence in your parenting journey. Additionally, for experienced "veteran" parents in search of supplementary assistance, I am pleased to offer my services as a supportive second pair of hands.


I use a blended approach, drawing from various philosophies to tailor my methods to your specific needs. One highly recommended resource is Dr. Karp's "The Happiest Baby on the Block" book and DVD, which shares effective techniques for calming and improving sleep in a simple yet effective manner.

My belief is that establishing a routine as early as possible contributes to long-term healthy sleep habits. While allowing for some flexibility, especially when needed, instilling the understanding that daytime is designated for eating, playing, and napping, while nighttime is reserved for sleep (with a few feedings depending on age), can lay a solid foundation to avoid potential sleep-related challenges in the future.

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