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Mom Anger: Yes, It's a Real Thing!

The struggle of being a mom has been written on my heart a lot lately based on seeing a lot of posts in my various mom groups about exhaustion, feeling like a failure as a mom, etc. So I feel like it's been brought to my attention the need of being more real in hopes my stories can help another mother.

It's so easy to post all the fun, beautiful pics of our lives, but I've found comfort in those who post about real stuff...not like complaining, but real life struggles they face that make me realize I'm not alone. So thank you to those on my Facebook feed that share not only the good, but also the ugly, especially my mom friends.

Today's topic in my head is anger. I tend to have a lot of it! It's always a mystery to me how I can allow these tiny humans to kick me off my rocker and lose it over basically nothing, but yet, out in the world to all my friends, they say I'm so calm and nice. So I was googling "mom anger management" and found a lot of great articles I'll post below.

I tend to beat myself up when I have outbursts, but a good friend of mine shared something with me recently that really spoke to me: Think about how many hours you're up in a day...maybe 14 hours and you've probably had in your entire day 2-10 minutes of anger, but then we carry the guilt for most of the day afterward when we really shouldn't. Wow, right? Never thought of it that way! Being angry doesn't make you a bad mom. We all struggle with this at times. Cut yourself some slack, apologize and tomorrow is a new day to try again....

So hopefully that helped some of you and if you have any anger management tips, please share! I need all the help I can get!😅


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