Overnight and Daytime Newborn Care Services

​Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have, but it is also a lot of work. No matter what your birth experience was like, transitioning to sleepless nights and being needed around the clock can be tough. Services are provided during the day or overnight. I offer a free consultation to meet with you or speak on the phone before or after your baby is born to discuss your needs. Service areas include Cumming, Roswell, Alpharetta, Buford and surrounding metro Atlanta areas. 


Hourly rate:

Overnight $25 to $35 per hour depending on number of babies and driving distance

Daytime $30 to $35 per hour depending on number of babies and driving distance

Daytime shift time: 
10:30/11AM to 3/3:30PM depending on driving distance

Overnight shift time: 9/10PM to 5AM

  • Overnight and/or daytime care for up to three newborns at a time​

  • Guidance/instruction in basic newborn care​

  • Establish and implement a sleeping and feeding routine

  • Log baby's eating/sleeping patterns with detailed notes​

  • Wash, dry and fold baby laundry​

  • Wash bottles and breast pump supplies​

  • Make new formula or prepare bottles for the next day​

  • Assist and support mothers with basic breastfeeding tips

  • Tidy up common living areas if it won't disturb sleeping individuals (load the dishwasher, wipe down counters, etc)​

  • Light meal prep

  • Provide referrals to other newborn professionals such as lactation consultants, pediatricians, etc.

Daytime shifts are especially helpful for those who perhaps don't have family around to lend a second pair of hands to accomplish all the extra duties a baby brings. Think mountains of burp cloths, onesies and blankets. Not to mention, feeding yourself and having time to take a shower! Take a nap or a peaceful shower while the "baby fairy" cares for your little one, washes, dries and folds your laundry, preps your dinner and tidies up your home. Even make a coffee stop, schedule a spa treatment, hair appointment or grocery run to allow yourself some baby free mommy time. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do when you become a new mommy!


Overnight shifts are excellent for those who don't function well on interrupted sleep. No one can prepare you for the sleep deprivation! Get a full night's rest knowing your baby is in loving, capable hands. If you are exclusively breast feeding, I will wake you for the feedings and let me cover the rest. Once you get to a point where you can pump enough milk, I will gladly feed your baby breast milk bottles through the night, so you only have to wake to pump (generally not as time consuming as actually feeding). Laundry and cleaning bottle/breast feeding equipment are the main extra duties offered during overnight shifts.

My Philosophy:

I believe every family's needs are unique and I thoroughly enjoy working with you to create the best possible start to having your newborn at home. Whether you need occasional help or a few months of consistent help, I can accommodate accordingly. If you are a first time parent looking for instruction on what's best for your newborn, I can guide you with tips and hands-on tools to help you feel confident. If you are a "veteran" parent and simply looking for a second pair of hands or rest at night, I'm happy to work with you too.

I use a combination of different philosophies to fit your individual needs. One that I highly recommend is Dr. Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block book and DVD. Dr. Karp teaches great calming and sleeping techniques that are easy and effective. I believe that full-term, healthy babies can avoid sleep problems in later months, if given a great start, by creating a routine as soon as possible. The routine doesn't have to be super rigid, as babies need a bit of flexibility at times. However, teaching babies as soon as possible that daytime is for eating, playing and napping and nighttime is for sleeping (with a couple feedings per night, depending on the age), will help them avoid problems that need fixed later. 

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