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Julie is absolutely amazing! She was with our family for the first six months of our twins life and she kept us all sane. She is incredible with babies, responsible and one of the hardest workers I know. She is a mom herself and I trust her implicitly with my children. On top of being the best there is with babies and moms during the postpartum period, she is a great person! 

Julie was an invaluable resource for us with our first child. She helped us with feeding difficulties, taught us miracle swaddling techniques, and allowed us to get some much needed rest in those early weeks. She is completely trustworthy and will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. We are very grateful! 

Julie is an absolute godsend. I cannot sing her praises enough. She is so confident in her abilities to care for babies and has given me all sorts of incredible advice and I thought I knew a lot already. She knows exactly what she’s doing, there’s no learning curve or training required - she is able to step right in and help. She is also such a supportive voice and listener through all the hard times and I honestly have no idea what I would have done without her. I cannot imagine anyone is more qualified to do this than her and I seriously cannot recommend her enough! Wish I’d had her with my first! 

Expecting the unexpected? If you’ve traveled the road of motherhood, you already know this reality. Contemplating motherhood? Do yourself a favor and have an exceptional team in place during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum for those unexpected moments. Our biggest unexpected event where a doula became critical was discovering during our home birth that our baby was breech - folded in half and bum first. Too far engaged to turn, there was no way forward but out in that configuration. Determined to complete delivery naturally at home, Julie helped coach and encourage me through the toughest moments making it possible to proceed while the midwives were busy ensuring my and baby’s safety. Julie went far beyond her job description and automatically jumped into action with “non-doula” tasks such as carrying boiled water to warm up the tub and cleaning up the delivery goo and mess. There’s nothing she won’t do to make labor and delivery as smooth and as comfortable as possible. She’s totally reliable even at “off hours”. I would have never known she was coming off a night postpartum doula shift to attend my birth. She had ample energy to carry me through. I also have since used Julie’s newborn care services both at home and while away on business. Not just punctual, but always early - so important to relieve a new mom’s separation anxiety with a relaxed “handover”. I always came back to a super chilled, contented baby, photos of the day, and a log recording eating and sleep cycles. Not to mention, bottles cleaned and all baby stuff tidied up. No matter what stage you are in your pregnancy, I highly recommend Julie's doula as well as pre and postnatal care services. If you’ve already popped, congratulations and you’ll find that her postpartum doula services are excellent! 

We hired Julie as a night nurse after 3 months of having our first child. We were exhausted and desperate to have a full night sleep. Julie was absolutely amazing and very trustworthy. I saw how caring she was towards my child from the first visit and I felt very comforted knowing that she will be watching my little one while we rested a bit. She was also very informative about night weaning and she helped me sleep train my daughter as well. She was also always there for me if I had a question about anything even that was off of her duties. I highly recommend Julie. She's very kind, trustworthy and she is also very fun to be around. 

I am so thankful for Julie! I had my 2nd VBAC on Januray 9th. She knew my goal of wanting to go completely unmedicated and she helped me achieve that! She was great support and encouragement during the process. I was in very hard active labor when I had my husband call for her assistance. I had all front labor and spent most of my time in the tub. She was so calming and reassuring during it all. We also used her for postpartum services. I've never had a postpartum doula before and she was amazing! We gave her access to our home before we got home from the hospital and she cleaned our kitchen and vacuumed the house so it was nice and tidy for when we came home to adjust to our 3rd baby. I would absolutely hire her again if we ever had another baby! You can not go wrong with hiring her!

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